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This list is created by those who submitted their information to this page. You cannot expect 100% accuracy, but if there's many entries of the same drive chances are the majority is correct. If the drive you want to submit is already in the list, don't hasitate to submit since you are only confirming that the particular drive work/doesn't work. Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher.

2005-12-06: If you have a slimline PStwo and want to connect a hard drive but don't want the hard drive to lay unprotected ontop of the console, there's a new producted called HD Combo that helps exactly that. HD Combo is essentially a whole new bottom replacement case that let you slip in a hard drive with the IDE connector and power internally connected (external power adaptor) and protected from external abuse. It's also compatible with the modified HDLoader / HD Advance so you don't have to move the hard drive to the computer anymore and there's two fans keeping the HD cool. The installation is a bit tidious and currently only PStwo v12 and v13 is supported, not the new v14.

2006-05-28: It's been a while since the last news update. Whenever I see a bug or error I update the codebase, and in the last month I've fixed some submission errors, edit auth faults and recently made the sorting and filtering system the way it should be. There is still a problem with invalid submissions in the database and I encourage you to report them so I can remove the entries. Thanks to those who've submitted to the database.


Total entries: 3055 Fitting: 2581 (84%)
Not fitting: 473 (15%)
Working: 2433 (79%)
Not working: 559 (18%)
Most working brand: Maxtor
Most working drive serie: Western Digital
Most working drive: Maxtor 6Y120P0
Most popular working drive size: 80 GB
Most popular working drive speed: 7200 RPM
Most popular program: HDLoader
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Added Brand Model no. Size RPM Buffer Fitting Working Program PS2 Adaptor Posted by Comment #
51. 2006-07-08 Samsung SP0842N 80 GB 7200 2 MB Yes Yes Free Hd... v9 Eth&Mod ArmoredCor... Perfect!... 0
52. 2006-08-21 Seagate ST340823A 40 GB 5400 N/A Yes No HDLoade... v7 Eth Pedrete It works... 0
53. 2006-08-22 Western Digital WD80EB 8 GB 5400 2 MB No Yes hdadvan... v7 Eth martin soo... the driv... 0
54. 2006-11-07 Seagate ST3160023A 160 GB 7200 8 MB Yes Yes HDLoade... v9 Eth PressureDr... Works fi... 0
55. 2006-11-13 Hitachi HDT725032VLAT80 320 GB 7200 8 MB Yes Yes HDLoade... v7 Eth&Mod Expired Works pe... 0
56. 2007-11-03 Seagate ST3500830A - ST3200822A 500....200 GB 7200 8 MB Yes Yes winhiip... v4 Eth&Mod ModdedPS2 Works fl... 0
57. 2007-12-14 Seagate ST3400632A 400 GB 7200 16 MB Yes Yes HDL/HDA... v5 Eth&Mod REDTEKDRAG... THIS HDD... 0
58. 2008-02-10 seagate 320014A 20 GB 5400 2 MB Yes Yes hddload... v7 Eth&Mod predy None 1
59. 2008-04-24 IBM IC35L040AVVN07-0 40 GB N/A N/A Yes No games Unk. Eth ed None 0
60. 2008-06-07 Western Digital WD136AA 13.6 GB N/A N/A Yes No no idea... Unk. Eth&Mod FRED None 0
61. 2008-09-16 Seagate ST3160215A 160 GB 7200 N/A No No not kno... Unk. Eth JUNED None 0
62. 2008-09-25 Fujitsu MHT2040AH 40 GB 5400 8 MB No No USB Adv... v14 Eth Ruined Drive it... 0
63. 2008-09-28 Maxtor STM305003EHD301 500 GB N/A 16 MB Yes Yes ps2 v12 Eth edohate None 0
64. 2009-05-11 Seagate T380215A 80 GB 7200 2 MB Yes No HD Adva... v9 Eth Ed HDD coul... 0
65. 2009-08-11 Western Digital WD800-00DJF0 80 GB 7200 N/A No Yes N/A Unk. Eth&Mod ed None 0
66. 2009-12-31 Seagate ST3120022A 120 GB 7200 N/A Yes No hd load... v9 Eth&Mod FREDDY None 0
67. 2010-01-14 Western Digital WD1200JB-75CRA0 120 GB 7200 8 MB Yes Yes HDLOADE... v7 Eth&Mod omega red Formatte... 0
68. 2010-02-03 Seagate ST380215A 80 GB 7200 2 MB Yes Yes HD Load... Unk. Eth&Mod Ed Works pe... 0
69. 2010-04-10 Samsung HD161GJ 160 GB 7200 8 MB Yes Yes yes Unk. Eth&Mod DEDDY None 0
70. 2010-08-07 Samsung SP1203N 120 GB N/A N/A Yes Yes hd load... Unk. Eth&Mod edwin desapare... 0
71. 2010-11-10 Western Digital WD500AAKB-00H8A0 500 GB 7200 16 MB Yes Yes Open PS... v7 Eth&Mod omega red Formatte... 1
72. 2012-01-13 iomega 477775 500 GB N/A 450 MB Yes No tried u... v7 Eth&Mod eddie i have a... 0
73. 2012-08-25 Western Digital WD3200AVJB 320 GB 7200 8 MB Yes Yes hd load... Unk. Eth eduardo None 0
74. 2015-03-30 Sony SCPH-50001 160 GB N/A N/A Yes Yes HDLOADE... Unk. Eth MOHAMED None 1
75. 2018-02-12 Samsung HM160HI 160 GB N/A N/A No Yes N/A Unk. Eth Marcos Vin... MNMNMNM 0
76. 2018-10-10 Dekstar HDS728080PLAT20 82.3 GB 7200 2 MB Yes Yes Opl , h... Unk. Eth&Mod ThreD Hola. El... 0
77. 2018-11-27 Seagate ST3120213ACE 120 GB 7200 2 MB Yes Yes Opl , h... v9 Eth&Mod Thred Funciona... 0
78. 2020-04-16 Seagate ST3160021A 160 GB 7200 N/A Yes Yes OPL, HD... v7 Eth&Mod exceededre... Everythi... 0
79. 2020-04-24 Seagate ST360012A 60 GB 5400 N/A Yes Yes FHDB v7 Eth Named Put the ... 0
80. 2020-06-02 WD Caviar Blue WD10EZEX 1000 GB 7200 64 MB Yes Yes WinHIIP... Unk. Eth&Mod Ed Using an... 0
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