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Feedback is greatly appreciated, both positive and negative as long as it's contstructive.
Tell me what you think of the system, improvements, faulty entries, things like that.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not post troubleshooting or support questions. This is not a forum!

#1 - posted by (24.200.4*.*)2004-06-08 21:34:00
please remove the "gb" in my post where there is "13gb GB"



#2 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-06-08 21:51:12
RaptorZX3: *fixed*

#3 - posted by ErnieMac (208.27.11*.*)2004-06-09 21:48:00
While I didn't get Final Fantasy, I would like to install a HD into my PS2. I tired it with a 4gb drive I had, but the system would not see it. How can I format the drive?

#4 - posted by (130.67.1*.*)2004-06-10 00:38:33
ErnieMac: did you set the jumper setting to MASTER and try both ps2ownz hdd tool and dms hdd format tool? if neither detects it, it probably don't have the correct SMART command set. i'l throw a install howto later.

#5 - posted by fx0day (82.67.13*.*)2004-06-22 15:49:45
plz fix my post i wrote maxtor it's seagate :(

#6 - posted by fireball (217.225.24*.*)2004-06-25 19:45:57
Great page, keep it up!

#7 - posted by jhaz (219.209.20*.*)2004-06-27 19:48:00
this site is really helps to all! keep up the good work!

#8 - posted by (24.200.11*.*)2004-06-28 00:55:55
I love the site. When i try to submit an edit, site doesnt update the new edited post.

#9 - posted by (80.212.23*.*)2004-06-29 13:24:31
sean: i'll look into it

#10 - posted by Guyver (217.85.23*.*)2004-06-30 07:17:31
entry 136 - forgot to choose RPM, it's 5400. thx.

#11 - posted by AntiAppel (69.76.5*.*)2004-07-01 07:36:00
When I try to format my hard drive is gives me an error saying Fatal Error:Failed to Format HDD! any ideas about this

#12 - posted by (67.108.18*.*)2004-07-04 18:41:31
i got hd tool v1.1 and i would like some help on how to install games i have a 120g seagate hd i formatted it with the tool but i cant install games help please!

#13 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-07-05 20:46:51
pac: you will need hdloader to that. or if the rumors are correct, blackbox when its released

#14 - posted by TheShadowRunner (82.122.23*.*)2004-07-06 17:44:55
Asbolutely excellent site.
Actually I chose my HD thanks to the infos on the site. ;)
Great idea & design.


#15 - posted by Kormann (200.196.2*.*)2004-07-13 15:13:02
thats a good site :)
ppl keep it updated!

#16 - posted by illmatic1 (209.104.13*.*)2004-07-13 20:15:45
if i install any standard120gb ide hd to my ps2 willl i still be able to save game data

#17 - posted by phantomgamer20 (209.104.13*.*)2004-07-13 21:01:37
if i install any other hd to my ps2 would i still be able to save data from my mem card to the hd like you can with the official sony one?

#18 - posted by (200.165.8*.*)2004-07-17 05:07:57
muito bom

#19 - posted by ryan (66.218.3*.*)2004-07-23 02:55:26
can i put in a 1gb hard drive i have lying around. i just want to use it for saving games.

#20 - posted by BMX (217.229.10*.*)2004-07-24 15:04:22
Question: Are 5400 RPM enough to run a game smoothly ?

#21 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-07-24 19:27:04
BMX: 5400 rpm drives are more than sufficient to run games smoothly, the deal with 5400 vs 7200 is access times and price.

#22 - posted by BMX (217.82.10*.*)2004-07-24 21:25:39
Thank u ivc !!

#23 - posted by SephNemesis (24.243.10*.*)2004-07-27 01:38:48
how can i get my hdd icon to show up in the browser? it works with hdloader, but wont show up in the browser, please help

#24 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-07-27 19:10:18
SephNemesis: if you mean the sony browser you will need to purchase the official sony harddrive because you need the new browser that supports the sony harddrive. in additional afaik the sony harddrive has a modified firmware that the new browser requires/looks for.

#25 - posted by dig (67.218.4*.*)2004-07-28 10:58:13
hi, i just started looking into this hdd business and i need a good "how to" guide. The only thing i'm seeming to get is that you need HDLoader and the Network adaptor. I'm looking at a Maxtor 120GB 7200RPM Ultra ATA/133 with 8MB Cache hd, but do i need a mod of sorts to work it. I'm interested in putting games on the hd and possibly movies. Help me if you can. thanks

#26 - posted by (80.128.23*.*)2004-07-30 13:43:42
Thanks for this site, it was great idea. It provided me with all the information to finally install a spare Fujitsu 40GB Hdd. It fitted and worked straight away.
The Hdd is not showing up in the browser. Can anybody tell me why ? I've got a v10 PS2 (5004).
Just for information: I use HDloader and some games are reported to big, maybe due to invalid TOC !

#27 - posted by Raz (172.178.11*.*)2004-07-31 01:58:03
I have a Samsung SV0411N hard drive. It should work with the hdloader according to the list, but I get an "could not detect hard drive" error when I try to run the hard drive with hdloader. I already tried all the jumper settings. The hard drive works fine in my computer.
Does someone have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance

#28 - posted by Raz (172.180.9*.*)2004-08-01 03:38:14
Ok, I tried about everything with the Samsung SV0411N hard drive (delete the partition, disable the S.M.A.R.T. option and so on). It still doesn`t work. My only guess is, that it doesn`t work because I have an "Ethernet" adaptor and not the "Ethernet&Modem" adaptor. So don`t buy the Samsung SV0411N hard drive if you got the "Ethernet only" adaptor. It doesn`t work with it.

#29 - posted by homerxs (193.251.13*.*)2004-08-02 11:49:10
i wanted to know where to find the ps2ownz hd tool

#30 - posted by (68.76.4*.*)2004-08-08 22:47:53
does the hdd need to be formatted before installing it in the ps2? I have one with win 95 on it. I just wanted to make sure it won't hurt the ps2

#31 - posted by XsuperflyX (24.21.5*.*)2004-08-09 09:30:44
I was wondering if i could use a 120GB ultra ata/100 7200RPM 8MB cache Seagate HD to download maps from SOCOM 2 when they come out. Or if there is a HDD that is able to download maps or play FFX other then the Offical SONY HDD.

#32 - posted by (68.226.12*.*)2004-08-18 21:28:05
Great Site but I can't see anything when I click on show all drives. I tried IE and Netscape and nothing. Is there any way I can find what drives are compaitable. I looking for either a 250 gig or 300 gig. Thank You

#33 - posted by Mac Lord (212.114.23*.*)2004-08-25 20:06:54
Thank you for this page .... I buy my drive because of poitive comments on your page. :-).

#34 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-08-29 23:29:14

XsuperflyX: The only way you can come come online with a non-sony hard drive is with the dms3 chip. Enable ATAP patching in the configuration menu and boot up with a disc-id patched backup or the original disc. Then you should be able to download maps and use the hard drive as if it was a sony drive.

#35 - posted by neeko (202.185.17*.*)2004-09-02 03:31:29
help a lots, great works.

#36 - posted by (213.84.18*.*)2004-09-05 19:22:16
Hi, great site! I'm going to buy a new HD in a couple of days, but don't know which one to get. There's a PS2 version next to every HD (like V4 or V9) but does this mean that HD only works with that version? Or does it mean the HD was tested with that version PS2?

#37 - posted by Mingle (139.168.6*.*)2004-09-09 11:17:17
Hey, awesome site, keep up the good work everyone!!
I was wondering where you find the V number on the PS2? any help??

Small suggestion for the site also, a discussion/bulletin board which was a bit more user friendly would be great :)

#38 - posted by (68.94.5*.*)2004-09-09 23:18:22
thanks for the help yall, you all helped me to pick the perfect hard drive 4 my PS2 and now i am real happy my hard drive is up and running. I might just go out and by another one just because. I'm out
--- TECH

#39 - posted by (67.123.23*.*)2004-09-12 04:01:53
How come EA games dont work installling on the HD?
Ive tried Madden, MVP, and Burnout 3 and they all dont work

#40 - posted by (69.209.9*.*)2004-09-26 18:19:39
It seems the script for adding hard drives won't allow you to select "No" to fitting and "Yes" to working in the case where you modify the network adapter to fit the IDE and power connections. Other than that, this is a great resource for people looking to add a little more life to their PS2's!

#41 - posted by (24.3.21*.*)2004-09-30 02:04:16
I have a Maxtor hard drive that is listed as working. I have HDAdvance... and it actually loads the games on to the drive. However, I cannot run the game =-/ Any ideas?

#42 - posted by (64.83.14*.*)2004-10-01 16:07:18
i have a 120 gb maxtor hard drive and i want save games save on it but it wont appear in the browser screen could you tell me if there is program i could use so the ps2 will recognize my hard drive on the browser screen.

#43 - posted by Garbled_Uplink (138.130.6*.*)2004-10-05 19:59:03
I just submitted my results for WD1200BB HDD & quite distinctly selected "YES" in the <working> tab. When I checked the post, it stated "NO" under that category - what the ??? So I tried again, same result. Could you please correct this & delete my duplicate - thanks.

#44 - posted by Cragster (69.220.15*.*)2004-10-10 22:36:32
My ps2 has a 2mb buffer works great and i still think its fast

#45 - posted by (65.77.20*.*)2004-10-12 06:33:47
hey i need help, how do i figure out if this hard drive will work, its a maxtor 120 g 7200 rpm and model is L01P120 i dont want to buy it and have it not work
my ps2 model is Model no. SCPH-30001 R / NTSC U/C / Serial# U2567497

please help

#46 - posted by (138.231.13*.*)2004-10-13 01:57:02
I added the Hitachi 250gb HDS722525VLAT80 as not fitting but working because you have to modify the network adaptor to make it fit. However the list shows my submission as not fitting AND not working ?

#47 - posted by alun (195.93.3*.*)2004-10-14 15:42:06
Absolutley brilliant site-thanks, i was worried about purchasing a hdd - so many brands and models so after searching your site i found a maxtor diamond max plus 9 6Y120PO to be the most popular working drive and it worked first time.

#48 - posted by (61.10.7*.*)2004-10-17 18:45:09
how do i know what is my PS2's version??
The model is: 300006R

#49 - posted by (61.10.7*.*)2004-10-17 18:47:30
my PS2's model no. is 30006R
please help,THX

#50 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-10-23 16:50:12
CyberCrystal: i changed the way the function works, now you can select fitting no and working yes for adaptor modifications.

and people, please dont spam the feedback page with unrelated questions... thanks


#51 - posted by pozmu (83.31.4*.*)2004-10-30 23:49:53
Thanks for this site, it helped me a lot!
Keep up the great work

#52 - posted by (210.233.21*.*)2004-11-10 04:44:36
hey just because a harddrive is not listed under ver 1 ps2 but it is listed under ver 4 or 5 or whatever does it mean that it does not work for ver 1 or is it that someone out there has just not tried it?

#53 - posted by shai (68.107.6*.*)2004-11-16 06:12:50
Thanks for the list!

#54 - posted by Baller (65.235.4*.*)2004-11-20 22:33:38
I just bought a new PSTWO because my old one got stolen....i wanted to know if i could put an external hdd on this new ps2 becuase i have read online that they have not figured this out yet. I wanted to know if you guys have figured out a way to use an external hdd for the new psTwo and also use the regular sony hdd software with it?


#55 - posted by (24.15.12*.*)2004-11-23 23:15:35
i dont under stand it i was playin my FFXI and right in the middle of a fight it froze i restarted it but when i went into my browser the hdd icon was gone somebody plz help me

#56 - posted by (24.15.12*.*)2004-11-23 23:27:44
sry i accidentally submited the wrong email address.

#57 - posted by (211.30.22*.*)2004-11-24 07:11:27
Can you use GHOST (copy) a hard drive to play in HDADVANCE? saves me saving all games. This way I can just copy my hard drive as an image.
I heard you have to unlock the hard drive, How do u do that?
Please reply

#58 - posted by PS2 NUT (66.82.2*.*)2004-11-26 20:02:23

#59 - posted by Kishi (64.8.9*.*)2004-11-29 18:44:12
I'm reading conflicting stuff on the net.... so you CAN use a HD that's more than 137GB? If I install a 160GB HD... will I be able to use all of it? or just 137GB of it?
Any comments would be appreciated.

#60 - posted by WhittyOne (206.149.20*.*)2004-11-30 04:00:22
WAD DA Hector

#61 - posted by Rocketguy (68.34.6*.*)2004-11-30 04:55:09
Thanks for making this list,, it was extremely helpful.

#62 - posted by eMaNoN (198.81.2*.*)2004-11-30 07:57:48
this site is awesome

#63 - posted by mr pursey (80.235.13*.*)2004-12-05 12:10:17
got pissed off with games been expensive and getting cheaper aftr a month or so so i had my unit chiped and then with your help now has a hdd thanks

#64 - posted by (24.15.12*.*)2004-12-17 04:52:40
can some1 help me plz i was playin my ffXI when it froze i restarted but when i got to the browse screen the hdd icon was gone i have no idea wtf is going on some1 respond QUICK!!!

#65 - posted by (205.246.17*.*)2004-12-23 03:14:30
Can I use a non-Sony HDD without a mod chip?
Can I put games and run them directly from my HDD without getting a new chip?
Will not the Sony HDD allow me to put games on it without a chip, or do I just need HDLoader?

#66 - posted by fourthtry (66.81.13*.*)2004-12-23 20:51:06
does Netscape work as a ISP on the Ps2?

#67 - posted by (4.26.24*.*)2004-12-25 21:25:26
I was wondering if a Seagate 200GB model: st3200822a-rk would work with my PS2.

#68 - posted by FORBES (68.39.13*.*)2004-12-25 21:46:44
Been havings problems with new Socom II maps, trying to down load them. It was saying it couldn't intialize the hard drive, beceause of my none Sony hard drive. Does anyone else play Socom II (new maps) with a none Sony hard drive? If so which hard drive?

#69 - posted by (68.225.15*.*)2004-12-26 21:13:56
You need to add a section when they submit a drive as to what jumper settings they have set. The WD1200JB has at least three posts two say it works one says it does not.

I believe that a number of posts saying the drive does not work were posted by people that have no clue about setting jumpers.

#70 - posted by (24.15.12*.*)2004-12-27 21:47:39
people you really should wait for a response or an answer to someones question.

#71 - posted by (209.94.22*.*)2004-12-31 07:35:37
I bought the most compatible HD everyone is mentioning. Maxtor diamond max plus 9 6Y120PO and a network card (ethernet and modem). I'm using PS2OWNZ DVD cracked version of HDloader (I have an original messiah modship installed in a version4 PS2).
But it's still hanging at HDloader's splash screen. Is there anywhere to check what version of network card I have and if that's the problem?
Is it maybe a newer or cracked version of hdloader (or hdadvance) is needed?
Sombody please help.

#72 - posted by (24.168.24*.*)2005-01-01 22:02:35
My Playstation has been acting up for a year now. The model # is SCPH-30001. I have already looked into the problems that this model has. And I just need to know if I could get a new hard drive and the price of it. Or would I have to settle with getting a new model?

#73 - posted by (64.12.11*.*)2005-01-02 02:05:23
hey guys does Netscape work as an ISP for PS2 because i tried it and it claims 'access denied' so im a bit confused someone please help!!!!!!!!!1

#74 - posted by jim_yz80 (144.134.12*.*)2005-01-03 12:31:08
what hapenned to the hard drive list they all disaperd theres only like 3 hdd to each brand name.

#75 - posted by chin (172.136.24*.*)2005-01-13 22:52:37
yea, does netscape work as an isp for the ps2?

#76 - posted by (201.19.3*.*)2005-01-14 22:15:21
Good site, a great help to people with a PS2. Keek up the good work!

#77 - posted by Burst404 (67.121.23*.*)2005-01-17 10:50:08
Is it posible to format my Sony 40GB PS2 HDD to run in my computer,,, I recently took my PS2 out back and shot it and I don\\\'t want the HDD to meet the same fate... Any help? (email:

#78 - posted by lostbaka (128.113.19*.*)2005-01-19 02:10:49
anyway that the site can cross reference with the xboxdrives site? Meaning if a ps2 drive listed here is also listed on the xbox drives site, the searcher is notified.


#79 - posted by sykokilla (68.114.13*.*)2005-01-31 10:34:44
Great site im glad someone did this thank you so much.


#80 - posted by (200.69.22*.*)2005-02-02 16:59:25
I got a Samsung SP0411N and everytime i load HDAdvance / HDLoader / DMS format it tells me that the disk has no format and formats it. Says that it was formatted succefully and let me create partitions and stuff. I reset the ps2 and again asks me to format it,
Anyone had this problem? Suggestions will be welcome!

#81 - posted by Hamer (172.153.5*.*)2005-02-04 03:43:40
i have the same problem with Netscape its been a week and i still havent found a solution....someone please help.....

#82 - posted by (68.1.12*.*)2005-02-04 06:29:27
Can you install any old HDD that will fit and use the Sony HDD Utility Disc so you can use it with onlines maps for Socom 2?

#83 - posted by Burell (145.53.10*.*)2005-02-07 18:31:33
Great page!

#84 - posted by (142.177.17*.*)2005-02-08 14:14:41
I just found the hdd thing on the ps2 and have an old 8 gb hd but i only have backup games that i want to install, can you do this?

#85 - posted by (221.238.12*.*)2005-02-15 06:23:57
Like. I've looked everywhere but is there a exact difference between Ethernet only and a Ethernet and Modem Adaptor (like are the port layouts different, and is the wiring different)? And how do you patch the hd loader. My ps2 has a mod chip and stuff, but I don't get how to patch my hd loader with the 48-bit thingy. I have the patch program, and a copy of hd loader on my pc. Anyone? Please?

#86 - posted by (24.162.14*.*)2005-02-19 19:40:54
i just want to put a hard drive in my ps2. will the ps2 find the hdd after i format like you suggest? does any body have the install software that comes with the sony hdd? i dont want to have to put a mod chip in, will i have to buy sont drive if that is the case?

#87 - posted by Timmy (68.123.24*.*)2005-03-01 02:13:42
im just wondering about all these hard drives. do you need the programs to actually make the hdd work for like socom 2 or ffxi or are the programs just for backup?

#88 - posted by The_Antipop (141.151.14*.*)2005-03-03 01:38:09
My friend got one off of Ebay, but the guy didn\\\'t send the install disk. Is there some way to get another one? If some just has a spare disk or something useful it would be real cool if you could help.

#89 - posted by cjsok (203.217.3*.*)2005-03-04 04:57:38
You can download Free HD Loader from the net with a MC exploit to load free HD loader from the memory card, this is what I do.
I have a pal system so any JAP/NTSC systems can't use the files I have, But they are available for the JAP/NTSC systems.
Free HD Loader will format the HDD to be used in the sony.

#90 - posted by Scooter (68.127.3*.*)2005-03-08 08:18:49
i would like to know if any one knows how to patch teh "supporting drives larger than 138 gb" ...please reply...i have a 250 gb and want to max it out

#91 - posted by WyllyB (192.55.2*.*)2005-03-11 20:51:25
Down to basics, a hard drive is a hard drive, whether or not the BIOS of the PS2 can support over 138GB is the question at hand. Me, personally would like to install a 400GB drive and download a free version of the software that is used to format the drive for use. Any word on the new PS yet as if it will be released in the USA with a hard drive? I heard about the new cell chip processor that the system will be using, or so that's what they tell us.

#92 - posted by Bob (208.184.15*.*)2005-03-11 21:14:18
Thanks for the site!

#93 - posted by (212.113.16*.*)2005-03-15 05:27:30
oi pessoal boas.
É assim tenho uma ps2 e tenho um disco rigido de 80 gb 7200 rpm
comprei um adaptador de rede.
ja tenho tudo montado na ps2
gostaria de saber como é que passo os jogos da ps2 pra disco rigido / tenho o cabo,
o ké que tenho de fazer sff...tks

#94 - posted by (24.193.6*.*)2005-03-23 07:43:17
i have a Maxtor 120 gig hard drive and i conned it to my ps2 with network adapter and formatted it with my HD Loader, but for some reason my ps2 still doesnt read my hard drive and when i tried to copy any of my games they would not read...someone know what to do???

#95 - posted by (4.31.24*.*)2005-03-30 21:45:13
Hey, i have an external USB 2.0 Western Digital Hard drive hooked up to my computer as of now. could i jus connect this hard drive to my Slimeline PS2 USB input and order the HD Advance? heres an Xp description of my hard drive ( (WDC WD80 0BB-OOCAA1)

#96 - posted by 2lazu (67.163.1*.*)2005-03-30 23:51:25
Great site! Altho i dont get why peeps ask for help IN A FEEDBACK AREA!

Come guys, there's tons of other sites to ask fer help! Geezz...

Anyways, congrats on this site, its very usefull! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FER THE SCENE!


#97 - posted by (69.118.4*.*)2005-04-01 23:05:41
Where can i get a copy of a HD loader???

#98 - posted by (12.240.1*.*)2005-04-07 04:38:44
how do u know your version #? i know my model # is SCPH-30001

#99 - posted by (66.38.14*.*)2005-04-07 20:06:38
I have a 80 GB normal harddrive, and i try to install into PS2. How can I do that?

#100 - posted by (220.245.19*.*)2005-04-11 12:06:00
I was jstu wanting to double check if the following HDD is compatible

Maxtor 120G 7200RPM 8MB ATA133 Hard Drive

Or what is a highly reccommended HDD.

Thnx for any help

#101 - posted by 220.245.19*.* (24.157.8*.*)2005-04-13 15:43:08
I need help with somthing,
first in for most, anyone know if N.A.R.C the new ps2 game works with Hd Advance/Hd Loader? hope rumours are rong.

thanks, email me at if anyone knows if it works asap. thank you

#102 - posted by (152.163.10*.*)2005-04-24 13:05:53

I have HD advance and im trying to figure out a way to burn games directly from my computer to my ps2. Is this possible??? My ps2 laser is no longer strong enough to burn the games so I have to back them up on my comptuer first.


#103 - posted by (64.192.10*.*)2005-05-03 00:37:23
you can use winhiip version1.6 with an external usb 2.0 hdd adapter to hook your hdloader harddrive up to your computer to transfer the games to it. i used this method to transfer my games from my 120gb hdd to my new 200gb hdd. one note, i could only get winhiip to work on a computer that had win xp on it , couldn't get it to work on one that had win me on it

#104 - posted by (24.244.16*.*)2005-05-07 11:10:42
Ierase my d3 save of my memory card by mistake and i need help reloading it,i have a 120 gig maxtor hd and a dms3 please

#105 - posted by Bobbbbb (68.1.6*.*)2005-05-16 17:37:24
Could you add a link or maybe do a list just like this for a game list? The hdd site is really nice btw.

#106 - posted by (129.11.11*.*)2005-06-07 18:11:38
I want to add details for a USBExtreme, can you add an option for USB for the interface and maybe other details, such as external caddy make.

#107 - posted by (66.198.3*.*)2005-06-14 10:43:17
hi and i have problem with the adpter for ps2 bcoz i ddont have the cd's for boot or installing can u send to me any site to make download or can u send to me the link for it i need the cd's PS2 HDAdvance tthanks for every thing

#108 - posted by (65.33.13*.*)2005-06-14 20:11:43
hey I wanted to know how exactly do you modify the ethernet adapter. I have a WD Caviar 160gb and I see that it works it just doesn\'t fit. I see that you need to modify the network adapter but i don\'t know exactly how to do that

#109 - posted by Enrique (81.60.8*.*)2005-06-28 13:34:55
Hi, what about a printable version? It would be very comfortable to be able to go to a shop with this list.

Thank you for all your work from Spain

#110 - posted by jonny J (67.163.14*.*)2005-07-07 19:53:01
great website helped me with getting the correct HD and progs thanks.

#111 - posted by (212.85.19*.*)2005-07-11 11:18:09
My old ps2 has a spoilt lens so i decided to purchase the satin silver slimeline ps2.Can i use the hard drive since i've noticed there is no expansion bay?

#112 - posted by tc (65.188.17*.*)2005-07-19 03:18:03
what is the compatibility for ncaa football 06

#113 - posted by Parappa (82.168.14*.*)2005-07-19 17:17:57
Can someone fix my harddisk post a bit? (WD1200) Thanks.

#114 - posted by (69.210.5*.*)2005-07-27 05:49:32
i have some basic questions......

1. whats a good HDD of 120gb?
2.which is the best one to copy the games into ur HDD, HDLoader or HDadvance?
3.i heard that theres HDAdvance 3.0 that can support 200GB HDD Maxtor 7200RPM, is this true? ( and if it is true, where could i get this 2 products at?) (tell me the websites address )

( IF any 1 knows pleaseE-mail as soon as possible at,THANKs)

#115 - posted by (67.140.14*.*)2005-08-05 15:41:17
Hey great site!
I was just wondering, is it possible to use the Song 40GB HDD with HDLoader? You know the one that come with FFXI. I really want to know before I buy it tommrow. Can someone please answer my question

#116 - posted by (141.153.24*.*)2005-08-10 06:00:32
Does anyone know how to get around the protected EA games...I have a V9 PS2 with a Maxtor Diamond max 9 120GB with HDadvanced 2.0..I found out that any EA game can not be played from the HD..I was wondering if I put the HD in my computer can iI copy a game to it...I have programs such as GamesXcopy, Alcohol 120%, dvdXcopy, Clone CD. just need to know if it can be doneand how...thanks if you can help in anyway...

#117 - posted by Acetone (68.255.7*.*)2005-08-14 20:30:07
Don't see an NTSC of HD Advance 3.0 yet. It should be good for people that don't want to mod or exploit their PS2, swap disks etc IF it does what it says.

#118 - posted by (200.141.9*.*)2005-09-12 19:58:11
progran hd loader

#119 - posted by india (202.56.23*.*)2005-09-23 22:16:18
I am parimal from india i have scph 50004 and i want use hd loader from memory card please call me 919898698695 toll free thanks for call me in adavance^.,'?!"-()@/:_;+&%*=<>£€$¥¤[]{}\~¡¿§

#120 - posted by Kevin (71.133.24*.*)2005-09-24 02:00:01
I bought a 100Gb Maxtor hd that came with 20 free GB making it 120Gb. Model is L01P100. Is this compatible?

#121 - posted by jimmyj (69.197.10*.*)2005-09-26 05:06:09
hey were do i find the boot disk for the hd?

#122 - posted by jimmyj (69.197.10*.*)2005-09-26 05:09:22
and how do i load the games on the hd

#123 - posted by dramaticguyks5 (68.47.8*.*)2005-10-10 01:46:45
ok, everything im hearing aboutthe hd, is really peaking my interest. i just have a few questions now. first, does hd loader have problems backing up and playing games on dvd? second, when connecting your hd to your network adaptor, does it fasten directly to it, of is there some type of cord u have to use, b/c i really dont want any cords. any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!

#124 - posted by (202.159.20*.*)2005-10-16 15:32:44
east or west you are best

#125 - posted by (144.175.2*.*)2005-10-17 11:44:21
I was wondering. Is there a way that you can modify a ps2 hard drive (not the internal hard drive but one that is connected to the usb port) so that it may be able to play imported games. if there is, would any one mind telling me how to do so. cause i have a game that i'd really like to play but i dont know how to play it without modding my ps2, which i really dont want to do. Thanx alot, i am truly thankful of any help or info you may be able to give to me.

#126 - posted by (68.119.1*.*)2005-10-31 19:56:51
I have 20 HD Loaders for sale that I bought and Ebay won't let me sell them there so I'm willing to sell them for 20 dollars each if anyones interested. These are the original discs with manual so email me and I'll get one right out to you! I'm Paypal verified so you can be assured it's safe.

#127 - posted by (70.72.13*.*)2005-11-13 23:56:49
I have a Maxtor 120GB 7200rpm ATA133 Fluid Dynamic Bearing Hard Drive and I formatted it with HD Loader, and also installed Gauntlet Dark Legacy, but I can't play it. Why???

#128 - posted by (80.88.15*.*)2005-12-06 20:05:40
pls i want ps2 for free plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

#129 - posted by (64.113.17*.*)2005-12-09 20:15:42
Wouldn't it be easier to use an external hard drive?

#130 - posted by (216.26.25*.*)2005-12-11 04:43:51
My Main Question Is That Is It A Good Idea 2 Get A 200Gb Maxtor Hard Drive For My PS2 With An HD Advance?

#131 - posted by (24.87.18*.*)2005-12-30 00:07:30
When you buy the HD loader Advance Do you have to buy the PS2 Hard Drive Seperately? Please get back to me.

#132 - posted by (201.133.23*.*)2006-01-25 17:00:06
hi i have an ipod i wonder if could use like a hard drive? how?

#133 - posted by (201.133.23*.*)2006-01-25 17:00:15
hi i have an ipod i wonder if could use like a hard drive? how?

#134 - posted by (219.93.21*.*)2006-02-15 22:07:29
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#135 - posted by (202.156.6*.*)2006-02-17 13:56:58
Can I i use Hard Disk to Save PS2 game without PS2 Network Adapter?

#136 - posted by (144.137.3*.*)2006-02-20 11:40:40
I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the Seagate Barracuda 80 gig, because i am just about to get hd loader and i have this hard drive

#137 - posted by Muchacho de Fro (66.76.11*.*)2006-03-01 23:31:42
I installed my 80GB HDD, and it recognizes games, and it reads them to be copied from HD Loader, but when I start to put the name of the game in I can't move on the little keyboard that's given. All I can put is 0's. That's it. The only buttons that work is X, L2 and R2. Do any of you guys have any clue what's going on and how to help me out?

#138 - posted by (66.59.10*.*)2006-03-06 18:27:51
I want to play my mp3s through my PS2 via an external USB hdd. Is this possible? Is there software to interface the hdd and, if so, will it play mp3 files? Thanks!

#139 - posted by (207.172.11*.*)2006-03-07 01:47:55
someone stole my ps2 and i wanted to know if there is any way to find the serial number if i dont have the system? can i call somewhere, someone, etc?

#140 - posted by kel (211.29.3*.*)2006-03-11 14:35:28
mike - you mentioned ur ps2 laser isn't strong enuff to burn anymore. dunno if this will help but if you go to a p2p file sharing program like Shareaza and search for a an ebook called Playstation 2 Repair Guide it will tell you how you can fix it if ur willing to tinker with it. Very good step by step instructions.

#141 - posted by (203.81.16*.*)2006-03-14 12:24:13
give hdd install CD pls

#142 - posted by (12.215.24*.*)2006-03-17 11:36:43
In your manipulating the network adapter tutorial, it shows pictures along with the instructions of how to remove 2 screws in order to move the IDE connector to the right. When buying the HDD I bought (western digital wd2500jbrtl) I knew I would have to be dealing with some adjustments, but to my suprise, my network adapter looked different. I bought the eth/ does not have to screws above IDE and it was rivited and machine screwed onto a metal fixture below it. I think it would be helpful for other people to be aware of this fact. I was lucky and broke it off the rivets,but the connector itself could have broken just as easily. Just thought this info might help someone make a less risky HDD choice that doesn't invole network adapter manipulation, and an update in the tutorial would help too! Without sites like this, we would all just be a bunch of stammering idoits! Thank You!

#143 - posted by (83.71.4*.*)2006-03-17 16:27:03
Although the western digital HDD's don't fit the network adapter, if you take off the cover of the netwrok adapter the IDE and Power connectors can be moved about and with a little bit of force the Western digitals can fit the PS2 adatper. I've gotten a 180GB Western Digital to fit my network adapter andit works perfectly. I've also unplugged it and plugged it up again multiple times with no hassle. Some structure pieces will have to be cut out of the network adapter but it is very easy to do with little risk of damaging the network adapter. I hope this helps some people

#144 - posted by (196.29.4*.*)2006-03-27 18:28:01

#145 - posted by (68.87.6*.*)2006-04-17 05:26:34

#146 - posted by (219.110.5*.*)2006-04-18 07:55:05
Often times

#147 - posted by (221.138.22*.*)2006-04-18 20:10:12
Often times

#148 - posted by (87.196.14*.*)2006-06-25 05:41:29
This is a great site,it helped me decide wich hdd to buy!So I put my own information up to help and contribute,anything just email me!thanks!!!

#149 - posted by (87.196.14*.*)2006-06-25 05:41:56
This is a great site,it helped me decide wich hdd to buy!So I put my own information up to help and contribute,anything just email me!thanks!!!

#150 - posted by (68.239.14*.*)2006-08-04 22:19:01
PLEASE! how do i download the HDD utility software ready to burn for my PS2. Any ideas, or links. pls

#151 - posted by Tim (71.232.16*.*)2006-08-10 17:05:05
WD800BB does not fit the PS2 network adapter, but all you have to do is unscrew the power adapter from the network adapter and move it over about 1mm and you should be good. You can also cut the silver cover a little to make it all fit and look good. I suggest doing this.

Don't forget, hard drive connections in PC's are not stationary, they are long wires, this is why Western Digital moved the connections further apart.

#152 - posted by Alan (172.128.17*.*)2006-08-11 02:38:49
I have a Maxtor 120 Gb HDD in my Ps2, and I am currently using a retail HDLoader to copy games to my harddrive. It works correctly with about 85% of games i try to put on it. I have read about programs like WinHiip and Apache 2, that you can use to reconstruct ps2 ISO's on your computer and copy them from your computer to the HDD you use in your PS2. However, any site I have tried to get these programs from, the files are corrupted.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and if so, would you please post some links to websites where these programs are available? It would be greatly appreciated by the entire gaming community.

#153 - posted by Alan (172.128.17*.*)2006-08-11 02:39:22
I have a Maxtor 120 Gb HDD in my Ps2, and I am currently using a retail HDLoader to copy games to my harddrive. It works correctly with about 85% of games i try to put on it. I have read about programs like WinHiip and Apache 2, that you can use to reconstruct ps2 ISO's on your computer and copy them from your computer to the HDD you use in your PS2. However, any site I have tried to get these programs from, the files are corrupted.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and if so, would you please post some links to websites where these programs are available? It would be greatly appreciated by the entire gaming community.

#154 - posted by Barry Cent (62.255.3*.*)2006-08-17 22:18:09
Brilliant site, well organised, and run, a few minor problems with the &amp;quot;Submit Your Drive&amp;quot; page.
1. The programs box: would be better for people searching the list, if this box, was a drop-down box, where the most common programs can be selected, e.g, HD Advance, HD Loader. Then below, a box to select the version of the program selected above, e.g, v3.0 for HD Advance.
When I was searching the list for a compatibable HDD for HD Advance v3.0, some people had written HDAdvance v3.0 (no space), and some, people HD Advance (with a space). This made it impossible to scan down the list of HDDs and see whather each HDD was compatable with HD Advance v3.0
2. The box to enter comments on the &amp;quot;Submit Your Drive&amp;quot; box was slightly too small to type in a detailed review of a HDD.
3. (Finally) It would be helpful to future viewer of comments, if the comment typed, could be previewed before being published to the database, allowing changes to be made where mistaked have been made.
Apart from these minor problems, I think that a brilliant job has been done of creating, and maitaining this site, and I wish it all the best in the future.
Barry Cent

#155 - posted by (24.45.8*.*)2006-08-26 03:45:14
The Maxtor Brand is the best...i highly recommend it

#156 - posted by (68.197.16*.*)2006-08-31 06:45:53
my hard drive has always worked and i just went to use it and it wouldnt load the disk.. I put the hd loader disk in and it said disk error. What happend? Its not like there are really any scratches on the disk or anything

#157 - posted by (202.125.14*.*)2006-09-28 22:40:50
please send me ps2 a to z software downloads

#158 - posted by pongplaya (84.160.9*.*)2006-10-05 19:45:38
thx a lot for the database man.... can you make the same for games compatible with dh adv :) ?

#159 - posted by (86.128.7*.*)2006-10-09 13:40:21
hi, im pretty new to all this hard drive stuff. how do i format a hard drive for the ps2 and what do i need to do it. also can i store game saves on it? any help is appreciated

#160 - posted by Scanjo (12.216.14*.*)2006-10-14 01:03:02

You just need to do some searching using Google. The answers are all over the net. I know the answer to your questions but I searched to find them.

If you had given enough information in your post for a quick answer I'd have just answered, but you didn't say if it was a Sony HDD or not. You also didn't say if you wanted to format it in the PS2 or while hooked up to a computer, or what program you were using to do the formatting (or if you even had a program yet).

Do some searching and read some forums. You'll find answers to questions you didn't know you had. I found ALL of the answers to my questions without posting ANY. It took a couple hours, but a response on a forum could take a couple of DAYS.

Patience and diligence Grasshopper.

#161 - posted by joshua pavao (12.201.6*.*)2006-10-27 21:08:04
oh, thomas, i just read that you CAN NOT save games directly to the HDD using the program HDadvance. you still need a memory card (which kinda sucks, but i'm not going to argue, as long as i can put movies and audio on it.)

#162 - posted by Joshua Pavao (12.201.6*.*)2006-10-27 21:09:14
Does anyone know if you can add music and movies to your ps2 hdd with HDadvance? i know you can add games directly to the hdd, but can you also put movies and music on it? Thanks in advance guys.

#163 - posted by (71.83.23*.*)2006-10-29 11:54:05
I have Hd Loader discs for sale for 10 dollars new in case with booklet.I could not sell these on Ebay let me know and i'll ship one to you ASAP!

#164 - posted by vaka (80.38.10*.*)2006-11-29 20:08:17
does the buzz game work?

#165 - posted by (200.29.2*.*)2006-12-17 10:04:20
I tried my Seagate 80gb, 7200 rpm, ST380011A model, with HDLoader, on my PS2 model 39001, and it worked the first time I tried. But, the next day couldn't make it work, I tested both adaptor and HD in a friend's PS2 and they worked perfectly, but it won't on my PS2. Could the PS2 conector on the expansion bay be damaged? Can't it be repaired? Where could be the failure? The HDLoader won't recognize my hard drive, but it works on other's people PS2. What i'm doing wrong? Please, help me.

#166 - posted by (63.95.6*.*)2007-01-04 13:01:23
I recently purchased a ps2 slim model 77006. can a hard drive be attached to it? pls help . thankks

#167 - posted by Carlos Spencer (85.138.14*.*)2007-01-11 01:06:15
hello, I am to bind to a HDD with cable USB to IDE in the USBExtreme in playstation 2 V6 and liked to know which the HDD compativel to be read by the USBExtreme, tanks

#168 - posted by Carlos Spencer (85.138.14*.*)2007-01-11 01:06:37
hello, I am to bind to a HDD with cable USB to IDE in the USBExtreme in playstation 2 V6 and liked to know which the HDD compativel to be read by the USBExtreme, tanks

#169 - posted by (76.101.15*.*)2007-03-21 20:47:38
I was playing FFXI and everything was fine but then it started to take a while for it to load, so I restart the ps2 but when I turn it back on the harddrive doesn't show up in the browser, only shows my memory cards. I need some help!

#170 - posted by (196.218.5*.*)2007-03-24 19:04:14
very nice

#171 - posted by (84.7.6*.*)2007-07-15 12:51:17
For western digital instalation:

#172 - posted by (84.7.6*.*)2007-07-15 12:51:26
For western digital instalation:

#173 - posted by ZWarren69 (74.181.11*.*)2008-05-20 02:29:28
Great site, fast and efficient to add drives! Thanks for making a huge knowledge base!

#174 - posted by (190.80.5*.*)2008-06-17 19:42:36
the search function has a problem not matter what i search for it give me a error try and search you will see

#175 - posted by (212.41.8*.*)2008-11-15 13:20:09
Please remove the first entry I have done, some Informations are wrong and I forgott to type in if is working or not...
Thank's for this very useful page...

#176 - posted by (212.41.8*.*)2008-11-15 13:20:29
Please remove the first entry I have done, some Informations are wrong and I forgott to type in if is working or not...
Thank's for this very useful page...

#177 - posted by (112.110.10*.*)2009-03-13 08:21:37
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#178 - posted by (41.138.0*.*)2009-10-07 17:31:07
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#179 - posted by (4.228.24*.*)2011-12-18 11:19:12
Wow! This site with open access is just very generous of you, and is absolutely great! I learned more in the 1/2 hour I've been here than I have in dozens of hours trying to obtain this information just about anywhere on the internet you can think of.

Please try to leave this site up and running if possible. If you have any other sites like this one you can tell me about, I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you very much for a good job here, and rest assured this won't be my last visit!


#180 - posted by strider (69.248.4*.*)2012-01-13 22:31:23
hi, I'm trying to find a internal hdd that i could buy today, is there any new hdd like from staple,officedepot,bestbuy. that would work with the PS2? I search most on the list and they are all gone (old) or on ebay
any reply would help out, Thanks

#181 - posted by (212.118.24*.*)2012-12-30 07:18:35
Amy- You know, I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're so right. They're even kinda like the three of us Noelle Yep, these are all from my fdeils two of the less successful ones, sadly. They are good to munch, though; the kids are always bringing ears back to the galle to roast (i.e., char) on coals.Left by clare on October 5th, 2005

#182 - posted by (5.39.19*.*)2012-12-30 14:42:41
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#185 - posted by (178.235.9*.*)2014-05-17 10:08:16
There are 26 redundant compatibility entried for the Seagate Barracuda ST340014A drive. Some with false information. It's a 40 GB drive runing at 7200 RPM with a 2MB Buffor. It's technical specification can be found on the manufacturers page.

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Thank you for keeping the site a live for more than 15+ years i frequented the website back in the old days so i am very happy to see it up and running. Here's to 15 more years.

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