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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-07-07 Posted by:
Brand: Lacie Firmware: N/A
Model number: 1 TB* Manufacture date: 2004-01-01
Model name / serie: 300875 Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 1000 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v10 Progam(s): Hdloader
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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this hdd was from this apple store, I tool the hdd out and use it, and it work, I get 1,000,000,000,000 bytes


#1 - posted by B.S. (24.187.1*.*)2004-07-08 15:56:07
This is actually Impossible for two reasons.
FIrst, the PS2 doesn't have an LBA 48 bios. - That means that it will only recognize up to 137gb.
Second, the LaCie 1TB disk is actually several hard drives in one external box.
You CANNOT fit all the parts of a LaCie drive into the PS2 physically.
If there are moderators, please remove this entry, because it it totally bogus.

#2 - posted by Boris (212.124.8*.*)2004-07-25 00:36:48
What a joke.

#3 - posted by (24.10.11*.*)2004-07-26 07:01:51
Yes it work I just got one and work

#4 - posted by you should die (66.190.8*.*)2004-10-03 04:15:03
the biggest hard hard disk on the market is 300gb. the bigger disk is actually 4 250gb disks raided together. don't post stupidity

#5 - posted by OpTiKaWn (152.163.9*.*)2004-10-29 09:32:11
Their r 400gb hd's. i have 4 in my pc as a 1.6tb drive

#6 - posted by (63.205.18*.*)2004-11-26 06:28:36
i am interested in this where can i find it and how much??

#7 - posted by G (200.207.16*.*)2005-05-10 17:30:27
actually its not impossible.

u can use a flat cable and a jumper contact bar (probably u can find in radioshack) to bring the HD to outside of the Playstation2, and use a PC Power supply to power de HD... and now u can use any size of HD...

Now if the LaCie is compatible i dont know, cause is a RAID, and i dont know about Playstation2 Raid compatibility

#8 - posted by G (again) (200.207.16*.*)2005-05-10 17:31:26
and the hd loader have support up to 2Tb...

#9 - posted by A (70.177.6*.*)2006-05-14 09:13:18
I think this post was a joke but 1 of my friend had plug two 250GB external hard drive through USB in one case. its big. Tested on a v14 it lags cause of the USB1.1 ports but it works had had 500GB 1 terrabytes i donno thats alot! Not too suprsed if it works though

#10 - posted by A (70.177.6*.*)2006-05-14 09:28:02
Well its posible with USB take a look it says support up to 2000GB so it gotta to work

#11 - posted by NON-NEWB (24.196.8*.*)2008-03-05 19:14:23
This is completely possible as long as the ps2 power supply could handle it, the only thing is he didn't list the true brand and model of hard drive because Lacie does not make hard drives they make hard drive cases, my next ps2 hd will be a 1tb

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