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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-07-06 Posted by: TheShadowRunner
Brand: Samsung Firmware: N/A
Model number: SP0802N Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 80 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v9 Progam(s): Sony HDD Utility 1.0
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

Additional notes: Report this entry - Edit
Works perfect. Installed Sony HDD Utility so that the drive shows in the PS2 browser. Then installed HDD Explorer (from DMS), then HDLoader on MC.
Everything works perfect. Dump speed reported by HDloader is about 750KB/sec. Great drive!


#1 - posted by Cakeman (81.131.2*.*)2004-07-08 19:39:58
Where can ge the sony hdd utility software?


#2 - posted by TSR (82.122.23*.*)2004-07-12 07:01:17
Check the DMS3 forums.. it's here somewhere...

#3 - posted by azer (82.121.22*.*)2004-10-14 18:47:21
mon hd loader ne reconnait pas mon disque dur. j'ai un adaptateur reseau ethernet derriere et ca marche pas.Pourquoi???

#4 - posted by (82.41.6*.*)2004-10-19 03:46:46
I got that driver as well, and I will get my own network adaptor tomorrow, thanks for your info. I hope I will get the same result as you got!

#5 - posted by (207.69.13*.*)2005-11-05 00:39:55
I have HDloader and the HDD Utility Disc v1.0 what else do I need to get the PS2 to recognize the HDD in the normal PS2 browser. I got the HDD for Final Fantasy XI Online, and you need to have the PS2 recognize the HDD in order for you to play and install Final Fantasy XI. Could someone help me out with some information on what I can do to get this accomplished without modchiping my PS2 in question.

#6 - posted by (85.103.3*.*)2005-11-25 15:00:17
samsung SP0802N driver

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