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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2016-05-14 Posted by: marshallracer
Brand: WD Caviar Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD800BB Manufacture date: 2006-08-21
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 80 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v4 Progam(s): WinHIIP, uLaunchELF, OPL (various PAL and NTSC games working)
Adaptor model: Ethernet Only

Model picture (exact model)
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Formatted with WinHIIP 1.7.6 to ToxicOS
Jumper has to be set on (2)CS when connecting to PS2, tested with cheap chinese Adapter without an actual network port (so it is to be assumed a regular adapter should work fine aswell, even if not fitting)
I took out the PCBs from the adapter case to easily and freely plug in the adapter to HDD and PS2
noise is absolutely fine and not noticable when playing something
Transfer speed is great, games are loading quick (e.g. San Andreas only needs like 10-15 seconds compared to those insane disc loading times)
Haven't checked if the drive gets any hot but it presumably won't


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