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Date added: 2004-06-24 Posted by: DarkWarrior
Brand: Maxtor Firmware: N/A
Model number: L01P250 Manufacture date: TOO LAZY T
Model name / serie: MAXTOR ULTRA HD Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 250 GB RPM: 7200
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

Model picture (exact model)
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Works perfectly. Originals install/play fine, and so do backups, although I need to swap to install backups. So far FFX, FM4, KH, Oni3, and FFX-2 work fine.

But there's heat problems. This drive heats up to extreme heat levels.. after playing a game for several minutes, the bottom of the PS2 gets almost too hot to touch comfortably. Beware.

Oh, and the HDLoader only sees 127Gigs.


#1 - posted by andrew (66.185.8*.*)2004-07-09 18:12:03
Did u get all of the 250gb space ior did it only give you 137gb!

#2 - posted by (195.166.23*.*)2004-10-16 07:41:37
plz iwill love you hepl me wilth code to open door room2 plz hepl with the nurbe

#3 - posted by (172.199.12*.*)2004-12-08 10:48:38
Is your ps2 unmoded? Or do you have a modcjip like the dms3? I have read that you need one in order for the mc exploit to work. I just bought the same hard drive you have. And want to make mc exploit will work on my unmodded ps2.

#4 - posted by (211.219.6*.*)2005-06-16 03:42:00
no mode chip needs..
U can make it easily with "MAXDRIVE"

#5 - posted by (158.194.19*.*)2005-09-04 03:04:14
I just want to ask sth about this overheating. Is too dangerous? How can I find out which internal pc hdd will react like your as for overheating??thanks

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