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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-06-22 Posted by: Blackice
Brand: Sony Firmware: N/A
Model number: PS2HDD Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: N/A
Drive size: 40 GB RPM: N/A
PS2 version: Unk. Progam(s): ALL
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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Linux kit drive also works


#1 - posted by xen (24.200.21*.*)2004-11-03 22:51:55
Hi there

I have hdloader and ps2 official hdd

It was working perfect until I tried to turn mode 3 on a game, then my ps2 froozen, after that, when I restarted it, it coulnt detect it anymore. So I seted it to slave and connected it to my pc, it was detecting it with winHIIP, I had all infos, so I tryed back on ps2 with correct jumpers.. wasnt working, I connected it back to my pc, I did a format with winhiip, reconected it, still notthing work. I loaded also hdd utility disc, it doesnt detect it either... I erased all system files on my memory card, and tried to reinstall then network adapter, the cd just wont load, I dont get, I dont know what else to do now.. if anyone heard of this bug... would be really nice to tell whats that all about, thanks!

#2 - posted by SudnDeath (68.186.3*.*)2004-11-04 17:02:24
you probably messe dit up formatting it, thi sis just a guess, but i'd say the ps2 cant read the FAT or NTFS partition you just made. it may use soemthing else propritary to sony. but this is just a guess

#3 - posted by xen (24.200.21*.*)2004-11-05 00:05:01
Oh well, I formated it with winHIIP, it seem more about the network thing, wich doesnt work anymore, i dont get why though.. because also winHIIP woulnt detect it either if it wasnt well formated.. but its not the case winHIIP can see it

#4 - posted by Socom Legend (66.176.5*.*)2004-12-03 11:44:39
Set the HDD to Master......

#5 - posted by (195.93.3*.*)2005-01-30 16:57:17
righ i am a computer builder i might be able to help the same was happening to mine befor u formatted yourre hard drive did u make a copy of the ps2 hard drive... if u idi u would have all youre data, didi you make a note of the formatt of the hard drive, if not have a look on google and type in what formatt is a ps2 hard drive and try to get a formatter that is capeable of doing that set youre hard drive to primery otherwise youre ps2 will be trying to load the ps2 data that makes it work off the hard drive and will not show up ore if youre ps2 does load but crashes that u have nakerd youre hard drive you would need to get a new hard drive and reinstall that hard drive reading softwear

i hope i was of any help!

#6 - posted by ddd (69.110.2*.*)2005-02-09 17:28:07
this happened to me and i thrrew my ps2 away like a fat dog

#7 - posted by scocm (69.110.2*.*)2005-02-09 17:29:07
u r WEIRD, any1 kno where i can get a new hdd

#8 - posted by (68.74.18*.*)2005-02-23 22:54:13
who,know anything about new maps for socom2?
Where can i get it?

#9 - posted by (69.170.16*.*)2005-03-16 02:11:04
i got a maxtor 120g hdd....plug the stuff into the is their any other way of getting it to detect the hdd without hd advance or anything? be honest ima cheap bastard!...well...actually just poor....but if anyone has any idea's or whatever just email me at the above email address...any help would be appreciated

#10 - posted by (216.68.4*.*)2005-03-30 04:02:25
How do you install a hard drive into a ps2? How much does the 40GB sony ps2hdd cost

#11 - posted by (220.226.3*.*)2005-04-21 22:01:03
I have the same problem as the original message. Did anything help. Still haven't figured it out. I was able to try it out in a friends ps2, and the hard drive was detected. Unfortunately It doesn't get picked up the the hdd loader cd doesn't work either. Did you ever find the answer.

#12 - posted by (81.153.2*.*)2006-12-26 23:53:33
i have lost my model number were can i get one

#13 - posted by (81.153.2*.*)2006-12-26 23:53:41
i have lost my model number were can i get one

#14 - posted by canadian1 (64.131.6*.*)2007-06-04 17:37:47
What mode does scarface work on for 0.7 hd loader because it went on without errors but wont play

#15 - posted by (59.92.8*.*)2009-02-12 15:26:05
copy playstation 2 games to the hard drive

#16 - posted by (124.150.8*.*)2009-03-18 08:16:48
how do i get gta sa mods for my ps2 from alex

#17 - posted by (92.114.15*.*)2013-07-16 20:56:52
Can i buy hdd for ps2 model:SCPH-90008??

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