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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-06-14 Posted by:
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: DSBBNV2A
Model number: WD200EB Manufacture date: 2001-11-28
Model name / serie: WD200 Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 20 GB RPM: 5400
PS2 version: v7 Progam(s): All
Adaptor model: Ethernet Only

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nothing worked at all, from bbnav to hddtools and more. do not try it out, tested it with 5 of da same hdd's. It will not work for sure with this one !!


#1 - posted by (204.193.18*.*)2004-07-13 21:50:53
i take it that you modded your NA make it fit BY taking out the 2 T6 Torx screws on the power connector?

i did that but i haven't had a chance to play with it

#2 - posted by glenn (64.169.16*.*)2004-08-29 17:30:37
You may need a bigger HD

#3 - posted by Ashley (203.26.13*.*)2006-01-02 17:30:16
It will fit onto the adaptor with a few mods. if you unscrew and remove the silver plate on the adaptor it will slide into place. easy fix!
I then formatted the drive with Winhiip, HD loader can see and use the drive

#4 - posted by Rodrigo F. B (201.62.21*.*)2009-12-13 18:52:57
Its work!!! Set your HD for "CS", just it!
Model of my HD: Wertern Digital WD200EB

Funciona! Configure o seu HD para CS, apenas isto!
Modelo do meu HD: Wertern Digital WD200EB

Como master o HD Loader não reconhece o HD!

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