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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-06-11 Posted by: l8rzboi
Brand: Maxtor Firmware: N/A
Model number: 300J Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 300 GB RPM: 5400
PS2 version: Unk. Progam(s): HDLOADER
Adaptor model: Ethernet Only

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works ok


#1 - posted by Bhavin Shah (81.86.22*.*)2004-06-19 00:21:23
I thought hd loader only worked with a max of 137GB hdd?

#2 - posted by adam pearson (65.27.3*.*)2004-06-24 17:51:14
if the hard drive is bigger than 137 GB it will just read it as a 137 GB drive.

#3 - posted by funk (66.79.5*.*)2004-07-06 00:39:56
good grief...why would you want to use 300 if you can only use hte first 137? I'm using a 160, but if I had a 120 I'd use that instead...

#4 - posted by (213.196.24*.*)2004-07-12 15:56:32
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#5 - posted by (213.196.24*.*)2004-07-12 15:56:45
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#6 - posted by (198.81.2*.*)2004-10-20 03:21:42
I dont know if this is going to your email, or posted on the site, but were you able to use more then 137GB of that 300GB hard drive, i know that it only recognizes that much, but can you use more.

#7 - posted by (81.178.21*.*)2004-10-23 13:13:55
how can i tell what HDD that is with just the model number?

#8 - posted by Gazna (65.221.4*.*)2004-10-29 22:35:39
There is a patch to open up HDLOADER to use more than 137gb. The new limit is 2 tb or 2000 GB.

#9 - posted by (12.74.14*.*)2004-11-26 17:51:11
is there a link to this patch readily available?

#10 - posted by (198.81.2*.*)2004-12-04 03:44:29

#11 - posted by strider (205.188.11*.*)2004-12-25 00:00:31
Do you need a network adapter to install a hard drive?

#12 - posted by Bri (68.13.20*.*)2005-01-02 17:03:26
Yeah, network adapter is needed in order to power up the hard drive. And yes, the patch is available. All you need to do is find the elf file, un-pack it, patch it, and then, re-pack it. And afterwares, burn the whole HD Loader cd over again WITH the patched elf file.

#13 - posted by (152.157.7*.*)2005-01-05 21:20:48
hey bri u sound like u know what ur doin email me at i have some Q's plz

#14 - posted by (131.9.25*.*)2005-01-16 01:40:38
how do you hook up the hd to the net adapter?

#15 - posted by (64.60.3*.*)2005-01-19 01:29:47
Hey joe...... you are asking some basic questions. email me I will walk you through it. but there are plenty of sites with tutorials and even pictures on how to connect the drives to the ps2. I have a 200 gig maxor running with hd advance.


#16 - posted by (24.245.4*.*)2005-02-27 22:28:40
can u show me some site plz

#17 - posted by (68.73.11*.*)2005-03-19 20:46:01
how much does the mator 300 gb cost and how do i get it working on my ps2

#18 - posted by 2lazy (67.163.1*.*)2005-03-30 21:17:13
I think masta is gonna get an ip ban to this site, what u guys think? LOL

Fucken idoit...

#19 - posted by (220.236.2*.*)2005-04-01 09:44:51
hi, got some basic q's... what is a good and reliable HDD to buy so that i can use it with my slim ps2?
are there any issues with installing a HDD into a slim ps2?
what software and anything else (ie. cables) do i need to get the whole thing up and running?
i'd appreciate anyone taking the time to email me with some answers to these questions!

#20 - posted by Andrew (203.166.9*.*)2005-04-04 02:44:28

Is it true that any Maxtor Hard drive is compatible with the PS2 Ethernet..? And how do you install the Games is it red by the actual Playstation 2 CD/DVD Rom ..?

Can you say the loading is like having a Nintendo 64 * Catrtridge Game* ..?

PS2 Details:
Version: 50002 (Satin Silver)
ModChip: Matrix Infinity v1.39

#21 - posted by (69.234.9*.*)2005-04-21 04:20:46
how much is it?

#22 - posted by (65.31.22*.*)2005-05-25 20:03:32
I got a maxtor 120 with HD Advance has worked great for like a year or so lately it has been freezing on games that used to always work. Now today it said could not find HDD Hardware make sure it is connected I checked and everything is straight. Is there anything I can do, or is my Maxtor fried, or what. Does anybody know?? THANKS!!

#23 - posted by (203.220.10*.*)2005-07-08 01:25:20
i was looking at the maxtor 300 GB hd can you please tell me what program i need and is this to store games on the hard drive and the software is there so that i can play is that right
get back to me as soon as possible

#24 - posted by PS2 begginer (69.210.5*.*)2005-07-27 05:34:37
i have some basic questions......

1. whats a good HDD of 120gb?
2.which is the best one to copy the games into ur HDD, HDLoader or HDadvance?
3.i heard that theres HDAdvance 3.0 that can support 200GB HDD Maxtor 7200RPM, is this true? ( and if it is true, where could i get this 2 products at?) (tell me the websites address )

( IF any 1 knows please post as soon as possible,, THANKs)

#25 - posted by PS2 begginer (69.210.5*.*)2005-07-27 05:37:33
Or E-mail me at

#26 - posted by Loaded (213.107.22*.*)2005-10-19 11:35:40

I have a slimline PS2 and to get a hard drive working you have to forget HDLoader and HDAdvanced and so on, you CAN ONLY plug it up via UBS and a drive in a USB enclosure, Something about Sony gettin rid of the ability to read from a HD.... but there is a kit you can get to make it work, or u can just use a USB enclosure, a HD and UBSExtream as the program. you plug ya HD into your PC and pop the game in ya PC, copy, then when copied plug the HD to ya slimline via its USB and u are away....

Prefer to just have a HD onmy PS2 though, but id need a mod kit, anyone fitted it? is it hard?

#27 - posted by (88.111.4*.*)2005-11-09 20:41:09

#28 - posted by (68.219.25*.*)2006-05-17 16:08:41
you can use a 300gb with the new hdloader 3.1 check out for more info. i did and mine is on it\'s way i\'ll tell you guys how it goes

#29 - posted by Sum Dude (24.155.21*.*)2006-08-28 00:21:56
Just install a memory card exploit! You will have the most current version of HD Loader and you can also back up memory card save data to a pen drive or the hard drive. If you happen to already have HD Loader or HD Advance you can do this!

#30 - posted by Nate (72.198.21*.*)2007-02-28 05:58:27
hmm i have a brand new Maxtor 500 GB hard drive and it works fine, I have over 200 GB already used up. Be sure to check your compatibility chart.

#31 - posted by (68.237.24*.*)2007-11-16 00:48:57
help i have a 500 gig hd and hd loader i tried to install a game in it worked but the game did not show up i tried it again it said not enough room please help m

#32 - posted by (202.177.15*.*)2007-12-06 08:43:52
i want to stall hard disk with my ps/2 model scph 77006,kindly suggest me which hard disk will be compitable and how to load games on hard disk.

#33 - posted by jz (98.223.0*.*)2009-05-06 14:13:39
do all net adapters support hard drives

#34 - posted by Jews (67.7.22*.*)2017-03-08 02:43:26

#35 - posted by (192.168.22*.*)2017-07-04 20:40:36
spedmetal is a modding god. Dont forget that you bitches!

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