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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2009-03-03 Posted by: burururururu
Brand: Hitachi Firmware: N/A
Model number: HDT72252 5DLAT80 Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: Deskstar Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 250 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v7 Progam(s): HDLoader (Free McBoot)
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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Pulled this drive from LaCie USB 2.0


#1 - posted by burururururu (75.61.12*.*)2009-03-04 04:28:58
Did not use an e-mail address, so cannot edit this entry. Just want to add some additional info.

The drive was formatted when it was still inside the enclosure using WinHIIP 1.7.6. Games were also installed via WinHIIP. Jumper was left as is (single master.)

I already was pretty sure this drive would work, because although this specific model wasn't listed on the compatibility chart, the older revisions of this drive were.

#2 - posted by burururururu (75.61.13*.*)2009-03-12 21:50:02
more info

manufacture date is May 2006
Made in Thailand

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