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Date added: 2004-06-10 Posted by: gpomp
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD1200BB Manufacture date: 2004-05-22
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 120 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v7 Progam(s): N/A
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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IDE and Molex connectors don't line up.


#1 - posted by (65.101.8*.*)2004-07-12 04:08:20
Hey i agree with you completly on the fact that the things dont line up but i changed the online part so it would and when it powers up you can here it spinning but i havent recived the HDLOADER YET but it will turn on the hdd for sure.

#2 - posted by (206.206.8*.*)2004-07-31 05:59:04
I was able to install this drive and it is to working. If you notice the connectors on the PS2 network adapter are not stationary, they wiggle side to side a little. I just removed a little bit of the metal around the connectors which gave enough room for the IDE and Molex connector to spread out a little. This allowed me to plug in the hard drive. It formated within a few minutes and I have already loaded 8 of my games on it with no problems. Excellent!

#3 - posted by (24.25.24*.*)2004-08-11 10:16:35
I was having a hard time trying to line up the connectors. If anyone could give me some tips or advice on how to fix the problem in detail that would help me alot.

#4 - posted by (24.247.9*.*)2004-10-20 07:25:56
I ended up removing the metal cover that holds the ide and molex connectors in place. It ended up connecting fine after that. I got my first 2 games installed today actually

#5 - posted by (67.131.15*.*)2004-11-13 01:13:31
I just ordered this same Western Digital HD from Newegg. I see a few had problems and a few are good to go. for those who got it to work is there anything else you had to do other than Mod the connector on the Network adapter that i shoul know about?

#6 - posted by (207.6.11*.*)2005-01-16 21:56:11
It works fine you file down the inside of the molex a little bit, then speard them as far as they will go. Its extreemely tight but if you jam it on it seems to work... my HDLoader will be here in 5 days so there is no real way for me to check if it works for sure, but i can hear it spinning and botting up.

#7 - posted by (81.10.7*.*)2005-02-04 18:13:50
how can i connect my hard w.d 120g.b to ps2?
thank you.

#8 - posted by (203.24.16*.*)2005-03-10 08:25:12
I managed to file down aroundthe power socket to make it fit, I\'ve installed 2 games and both of them just display a black screen when I try to play them

#9 - posted by YAAATAAA (68.207.13*.*)2005-06-22 07:35:47

#10 - posted by (88.11.3*.*)2006-10-05 21:49:06
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#11 - posted by (82.243.6*.*)2007-08-17 12:08:27
YES it WORK FINE with network adaptor !
You must push to the right POWER(molex connection) on the network adapto(cut the little part of metal at the right of the network adaptor)
And i'ts a miracle, HD fit ok !
Dont' worry network adaptor is not damaged.
Just take your time when you do it. ;)

#12 - posted by (66.19.15*.*)2008-06-13 17:58:10
I just bought a ps2 slim and want to connect an external hard drive to boot games using hdloader. However im' kind of a newb at the whole thing and was wondering if there is a sight or forum that explains this process in detail for beginners.

#13 - posted by (76.224.2*.*)2010-07-16 02:56:34
So, has anyone actually confirmed if this hdd is working with the ps2, i know people have confirmed that it will fit if the plate is filed down, but does it work afterwords?

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