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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-06-09 Posted by: Ztc
Brand: Maxtor Firmware: N/A
Model number: CANT BE ARSED Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 80 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v9 Progam(s): DMS3 HDD format
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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Tested We7, works, Tested Resident evil outbreak, works


#1 - posted by (218.102.9*.*)2004-11-11 04:05:09
this can play ffxi?

#2 - posted by (172.203.6*.*)2004-12-19 15:04:52
Could u find out the model number for me??????
Would appreciate it


#3 - posted by (24.168.16*.*)2005-01-14 03:03:18
So I can use this with my PS2 slim and download the Socom II maps? What do I need to mod to make this work???

#4 - posted by (141.153.2*.*)2005-04-01 00:49:05
Yeah, i need to find a hard drive to use for my slim ps2 so i can download the new maps for SOCOM 2 also, and if i need any other materials too, can anybody please help me out?

#5 - posted by ggRev! (24.23.2*.*)2005-05-30 20:54:05
Dont bother with the FFXI, it isnt that great of a game, and the PS2 slim cannot use the HDD!!!!!!!!!! it dosnt have a slot for it

#6 - posted by (203.145.15*.*)2006-01-30 12:36:08
i want coneect a hdd to my slim ps2. what i need and what i do my english is bad plz help me in esay english hank you in adavance my e mail id is and my mobile number is 91-9898698695 i am from india contry code is 91 i am new in ps2 world plz give me price about ps 2-3 via sms or call i give you best idea for your ps2 repiar thank you agin jay mataji&salamvalekum

#7 - posted by (220.233.12*.*)2006-05-16 11:56:05
USBeXtreme allows you to run directly from the USB HDD connected to your console.

* Excellent Compatibility. USBeXtreme can be compatible
* with ALL PS2 Console.
* User Friendly Graphical Interface.
* Support 40G to 2T HDD.
* Supports All Versions of PS2.
* No Modification made to your PS2 Console.
* Will not void your PS2 Warranty.
* USB Plug & Play.

Go to the following site and take a look.

#8 - posted by bitmapbrother (212.96.18*.*)2006-05-29 09:01:13
USBExtreme sux!
Only about 50-60% works with it.
Get HDCombo for slim ps2 (only for v12-13)!

#9 - posted by (217.219.5*.*)2006-08-26 02:10:20

#10 - posted by (202.73.12*.*)2006-10-28 05:16:24
My BB Navigator for HDD in PS2 was missing, please send me manual book in english version, I can't read in Japan language.
Thank you

#11 - posted by (125.60.24*.*)2007-02-28 02:14:27
i want to learn how to install drive on ps2

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