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Date added: 2004-06-08 Posted by:
Brand: Seagate Firmware: 3.09
Model number: ST310014ACE Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: U Series X 10 Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 10 GB RPM: 5400
PS2 version: v3 Progam(s): dms format tool, ps2ownz hdd tool,
Adaptor model: Ethernet Only

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Kinda ironic that this is a Xbox hard drive. Anyway, when I format it with ps2ownz hdd tool it reports invalid argument and only the three first hidden system partitions shows up. But I can do a hdd install of Residen Evil Outbreak without any problems.
This drive is also of the thin type and there is some space above the drive so the drive will freely move vertically if you move the ps2 around.


#1 - posted by RaptorZX3 (24.200.4*.*)2004-06-09 08:59:54
my actual PS2 HDD (Maxtor 91366U4) is like this too, but to make it stop moving in your PS2, i just used a folded business card to make some thickness and put it inside while pushing your HDD in, it'll make it stop moving while you move the PS2 around

#2 - posted by (200.165.22*.*)2004-09-18 23:55:39

#3 - posted by Aditi Patel (59.95.19*.*)2005-06-19 03:57:15
Just Simple and best copy game on to hardrive and connect ps2 using usb ports and boot from there ..
isnt it simple

#4 - posted by (218.242.12*.*)2005-07-02 10:22:49

#5 - posted by (85.101.24*.*)2005-07-22 17:26:03
I need to mc loader progress

#6 - posted by PS2 begginer (69.210.5*.*)2005-07-27 05:40:54
have some basic questions......

1. whats a good HDD of 120gb?
2.which is the best one to copy the games into ur HDD, HDLoader or HDadvance?
3.i heard that theres HDAdvance 3.0 that can support 200GB HDD Maxtor 7200RPM, is this true? ( and if it is true, where could i get this 2 products at?) (tell me the websites address )

( IF any 1 knows pleaseE-mail as soon as possible at,THANKs)

#7 - posted by (62.148.8*.*)2005-09-19 11:53:36
1.almost all from seagate or maxtor :)
2. the best way is to put your ps2 hdd to your pc and copy games using this way
3. Free HDLoader can also support so high hdd (actually HDAdvance has this function from Free HDLoader not to mention - stolen) is the right adress :)

#8 - posted by HDD (66.131.23*.*)2005-12-04 15:42:58
Is it possible , for the HDD to work , if you connect it fisrt into your computer , then chage the file System to PFS. Also , is it possible to make it work without always booting a loader application (can I put the loader directly on the HDD).

#9 - posted by (217.54.15*.*)2006-03-03 02:20:15
pleasde kkjnj

#10 - posted by . (80.168.23*.*)2006-12-04 22:33:27
I hot-glued a milk bottle top to the top of the drive to stop it rattling.

This is one of the strangest-looking drives I've ever seen, but works fine in my PS2.

#11 - posted by (123.176.3*.*)2007-06-10 08:50:25
i want hd loader please

#12 - posted by (189.161.6*.*)2007-07-08 05:44:55

#13 - posted by (196.206.19*.*)2008-02-25 23:12:11

#14 - posted by (196.207.1*.*)2008-05-11 16:18:59
i want to know how to store ps2 games to my ps2 hard drive

#15 - posted by (79.21.21*.*)2008-12-03 18:45:05

#16 - posted by (222.124.15*.*)2011-12-05 12:03:42

#17 - posted by (41.215.16*.*)2013-02-27 04:22:05
this is my frist time of useing it

#18 - posted by (223.255.23*.*)2013-05-27 21:35:28

#19 - posted by (2.230.24*.*)2013-12-20 22:19:32

#20 - posted by (2.230.24*.*)2013-12-20 23:04:44

#21 - posted by (2.191.6*.*)2018-12-13 18:34:08

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