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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2005-07-14 Posted by:
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD400 Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: N/A
Drive size: 40 GB RPM: N/A
PS2 version: v7 Progam(s): HDLoader
Adaptor model: Ethernet Only

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This was tricky to get it to fit, but i simply removerd the steel cover from the ethernet adaptor, unscrewed the ide and power connecters, took the out of their metal slide chambers and put them ON TOP of the slide chambers. then LOOSELY screwed the screws back (in case i needed them in the future). Then i placed the steel cover back on WITHOUT replacing its screws, then i plugged the HDD into the ethernet adpator, and when i knew it was fitting, i left it connected to the hdd and replaced the last screws. Trick and fidly, but its working like a charm now. :)


#1 - posted by jerry62 (12.33.19*.*)2005-08-09 20:04:40
What kind of tool did you use to remove the security screws?
The smallest TORX bit found in regular sets are #10, but those are too large for those small security screws. I read that one guy had to drill holes into them.

#2 - posted by (82.34.23*.*)2006-05-19 04:15:51
I simply used a philips screw driver i think.

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