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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-10-28 Posted by: Frog
Brand: Seagate Firmware: 3.06
Model number: ST3160021A Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 160 GB RPM: N/A
PS2 version: Unk. Progam(s): HDloader
Adaptor model: Ethernet Only

Model picture (exact model)
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THe hard drive fits the network card...
and sometimes, the drive works fine...
however....most of the not working....have no idea why....-__-
I have to reboot the PS2 many times to let it working....


#1 - posted by (188.143.23*.*)2016-05-07 01:55:50
I have selected as you instructed and when I submit the order for credit card processing I get this error:Temporary error Sorry for the inconvenience. Error in screenMessages error Object required – ErrNumber424 – SQLSELECT screenMessage FROM screenMessages WHERE id7aseenMesrcge6S4 AND idStore1 Please advise[]

#2 - posted by (188.143.23*.*)2016-05-07 20:51:12
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#3 - posted by (188.143.23*.*)2016-05-09 03:18:49
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