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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-09-15 Posted by: yaqub0r
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD300 Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 30 GB RPM: N/A
PS2 version: Unk. Progam(s): n/a
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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#1 - posted by Mike4 (68.192.16*.*)2004-11-04 09:46:04
Despite the rumors that you need a 40GB or bigger HDD, I decided to give this a shot anyway. It would not fit straight in, so I had to do some modification to the Sony Network Adapter, which consisted of removing the silver shield and then removing the hex screws that hold the power plug and IDE plug into the fixed position. Once they were free, the HDD fit fine.

I used Free HDLoader and was able to install CD based games, but not DVD based games. Then I put the drive back in my PC and was able to use a tool called HD Handiness to transfer the DVD based games to the drive. Even though the games install and I can see them on the PS2, not a single game will actually play - CD or DVD based. I tried all the combinations of modes, but none seem to work.

#2 - posted by Mike4 (68.192.16*.*)2004-11-04 10:00:00
I forgot to mention that the jumper needs to be either left off or in the position it shipped in. If it's in the master position, it will not be recognizeable. Apparently, Western Digital HDD's should only be set to the master position if there is also a slave drive present.

#3 - posted by Mike4 (68.192.16*.*)2004-11-09 01:57:07
****THIS HDD IS FULLY COMPATIBALE - despite my intial post****

I did some more research and found out the reason the games would not play was because I was not using a retail (pressed) version of HDLoader. These versions will do everything but play the game. I was able to work around that using the memory card exploit version of it, which plays the game fine.

Those who have a retail version of or HDLoader or HDAdvance should not have an issue at all, other than making sure the jumper is in the correct position(either off or in the position it was shipped in) and doing some modification to get it to fit.

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