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Date added: 2004-08-24 Posted by:
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD1200JBRTL Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 120 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v7 Progam(s): HDLoader
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

Model picture (exact model)
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Removed torx screws from power/ground adapter on Network Adapter, as posted here in a post from another guy. Also had to snip the corner of the tin cover as well so plugs would slide apart far enough to connect Network Adapter. This is awesome, HDLoader recognized HDD right away, formatted quickly and am now loading Vice City to HDD. BTW, had to make this HDD work as I picked it up at Circuit City for $39 after the rebates..........YeeHaw!!!


#1 - posted by Brian (24.12.3*.*)2004-08-26 02:58:35
I can't find a bit that will fit the torx head, what did you use?

#2 - posted by TOORUDE71 (64.91.14*.*)2004-08-27 09:12:55
A T6 torx bit, available in a screwdriver kit at Lowes.......

#3 - posted by TOORUDE71 (64.91.14*.*)2004-08-27 09:14:37
Btw, make sure drive is set for cable select (CS), and you'll have no problems

#4 - posted by Brian (24.12.3*.*)2004-09-04 08:05:28
Ok cool, thanks. I should be getting a fliptop tomorrow, so I can try the memory card exploit out. I'll post my finding.

#5 - posted by Brian (24.12.3*.*)2004-09-09 00:42:45
Yup, everything was smooth. I had already had the hdd for a while, modified the clipping area on the hdd itself, every thing works great.

#6 - posted by DD (68.15.19*.*)2004-09-14 16:30:51
Just a follow up. i also have installed this drive with no problems. the above postes give you all of the info you need. thanks guys.

#7 - posted by Rob Cado (24.55.20*.*)2004-10-12 08:48:02
Removing the torx screws to the power on the adapter is a must to spread both connectors far enought to fit the hard drive. Tin snipped the backing plate to alot the new opened up space around the power adapter. No modifications needed on the hard drive itself. HDLoader formatted it in seconds, Backing up all my games now. I owe it all to TSS and you guys. Thanks

#8 - posted by (67.177.12*.*)2005-01-10 19:23:45
This drive is on sale at best buy this week for $40 after rebates. gonna snatch one up and give it a shot.

#9 - posted by (207.16.13*.*)2005-01-12 00:27:49
Works great. It was a easy modification on the network adaptor to make it fit and to the nakid eye no one knows but me that it was altered. HDLoader picked it right up and it works smooth as a babies bottom. With the cheap HD got the entire package done for $65. Thanks for the tip guys.

#10 - posted by (207.216.11*.*)2005-01-15 17:28:34
will a cicero maxtor drive work?

#11 - posted by case (68.105.11*.*)2005-09-06 01:50:36

#12 - posted by case (68.105.11*.*)2005-09-06 01:51:22
this is cool

#13 - posted by case (68.105.11*.*)2005-09-06 01:51:26
this is cool

#14 - posted by Luís Guimarães (201.6.2*.*)2005-10-17 18:39:00
Yes, it works. The only problem that I had, was to find a TORX. After that and now is only happiness. Today I have 8 games installed in my PS2 and 90GB of free space. Its awesome.

#15 - posted by Tony (71.107.9*.*)2006-12-12 01:22:17
Does it Have To Be The Ps2 Network Adapter?
or are there other models i can use?

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