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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2004-08-10 Posted by: deathr0w
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD400 Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: N/A Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 40 GB RPM: 7200
PS2 version: v7 Progam(s): HDLoader PsOwnz
Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem

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Any know problems with the drive, bad clusters?
- NO

What is the noise level of the drive?
- Not so high,, almost nothing at all

Does the drive generate a lot of heat?
- WD400 do not generate heat at all.. At full speed ist almost warm.

Did a 'HDD Install' of a hdd-enabled game succeed?
- Yup

How fast are the transfer speeds and installation times of hdd-enabled games?
- Very very fast i noticed that playing Vice City.
Instalation time: 4GB DVD @ 20Min max.

NOTE: I had to modify the network adapter to fit. Noting strange just open the NA. And loose the power screw and thats it. Re-ensamble the NA, make the HDD fit, stuck it inside the PS2, boot with HDLOADER and enjoy!!.


#1 - posted by (68.255.6*.*)2004-08-28 19:51:12
How do you modify the network adapter to make it fit for the HDD?

#2 - posted by Gotenks (68.10.25*.*)2004-08-31 03:55:33
How did you find a screwdriver small enough

#3 - posted by deathr0w (200.117.14*.*)2004-09-01 01:58:03
Hi!. Look

#1 - open the NA, unplug all the little things and the molex`s screw, that makes the molex to run freely, and with that movement i can align it with my HDD witout problem.

#2- Ohhh men,, here is the funny thing. I`m a very impatient person, the very same day i bougth the NA i wanted to have it working.
So i open my NA, unplug all the things.. and for my surprise there it has.. that freaking strange screw. I tested all my tools, and no one worked. So,,, i was fucking mad, so i grab an electric hand drill and ÑÑAAAAAANNANANNANNNNMMMM drill out that nasty screw.. Bah, in fact don't drill the screw but the rivet that this under
that allows the molex to run freely.

But don´t be a beast like me. in a big house of electronics they should surely have a screwdriver of that type :) Take you NA as a sample and the will help you with your needs :P

NOTE: PLEASE remember to set your Hard Drive to CABLE SELECT, in another way it doesn't work
L8r m8s.

#4 - posted by (84.131.22*.*)2005-10-02 11:33:33
well, i have the same prob.. i thought about openeing the NA befor but i didn't made it, well now i tried.. and i found also the damned scream inside.. how can i open this one?
Does electronics have this kind of screwdriver?

#5 - posted by ShadyMilkman (216.135.4*.*)2005-10-10 03:34:42
I was looking at the hdd website and it is for a modchip. Do i need a modchip to use a hard drive or is there software that i can get that will allow me to format the hard drive?

#6 - posted by eliteace (24.161.16*.*)2005-11-14 02:39:02
its a sad thing, those with money buy the hardware and cant use it; but the people who really know how to use it, cant afford the hardware in the first place. look up MCExploit, memory card exploit, or independence exploit for non-ps2 ruining options. if u really wanna melt ur ps2 with a soldering iron be my guest. no offense, but i dont think we should let deathrOw get his hands on a soldering iron

#7 - posted by ivc (212.125.22*.*)2005-11-17 02:05:28
I've updated the PS2 Installation page with a fairly basic guide how to modify an european Ethernet Adapter.

#8 - posted by (200.50.4*.*)2006-06-04 20:59:13
mandame el boot

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